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* How can I contact you?

* Is the house ready to move in?

* Why buy this house?

* What makes Gulf Harbors desirable?

* Which is it:  Port Richey or New Port Richey?
  (Plus: New Port Richey's history as a movie star retreat and regional commercial hub)

How can I contact you?

We can make arrangements for you to see the home.

Is the house ready to move in?

The house is in move-in condition and vacant. A list of what comes with the house can be found on the Amenities page.

Why buy this house?

Warm climate, no income tax, recreation, lifestyle. You may simply be considering living part-year in Florida as many folks do for the Winter season. Here are a few reasons why we think you'll find it makes sense to own this Florida waterfront home:

  • Bargain waterfront - The full price of this home would be a mere downpayment in areas like New York City, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and other major cities. Heck, it's cheaper waterfront property than in nearby cities like Tampa and Clearwater. Owning lets you enjoy as long a stay as you like, or live here year-around, and unlike renting, owning a home in this desirable area makes investment sense.
  • Investment - Homes like this one rent to vacationers for as much as $3,400 per month.
  • Secure & private - We are located in a quiet, low crime, residential neighborhood, and you won't be disturbed.  This is a single-family home, so there's no hallway, elevator, or parking garage.
  • Dine in - The nice, modern kitchen lets you indulge your inner gourmet, and provides space for entertaining.  Best of all, you can have your breakfast in the sunroom while you watch sea birds fish the canal.
  • Your own space - There's a garage for your car, a washer and dryer exclusively for you to use (no shared laundry room hassles), closets for your clothes, and room to stretch out. Telecommuters have ample space to work, and high-speed internet access is available through BrightHouse Networks at a reasonable rate.
  • Quality - Well-kept inside and out, this privately owned home has been the pride of its owner.
  • Freedom - Come and go as you please.  Just hop in your car. No tip-hungry hotel help to contend with -- but if you have any needs or questions, the Homeowner's Association and your friendly neighbors are only a phone call away.
  • No Stairs - No stairs, elevator or crowded parking lot.  If you wish, you can even leave by boat, because you'll have a piece of waterfront all your own. 
  • Boating and Fishing - This waterfront home features direct canal access and has its own dock and davits.  You can even bring your own craft, or rent one locally.  Gulf Harbors has a boat ramp available for a small fee, or you can launch from a municipal ramp nearby.

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What makes Gulf Harbors desirable?

The home is in a quiet, exclusive, waterfront community of well-maintained homes, with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico and golf course.  This is a community of boaters, golfers, and others who have come to enjoy the beauty and recreation of Gulf Coast Florida. 

Originally designed as a vacation and retirement community, Gulf Harbors has a public golf course, private beach, club house, and boat ramps for use by residents.  The Gulf Harbors Yacht Club is located next to a Coast Guard station near the mouth of the North Channel to the Gulf.  This is a "deed restricted community."  High standards for home appearance and quietude keep Gulf Harbors a pleasant place to stay.  While the Tampa Bay area offers many nice inland homes for sale, Gulf Harbors boasts not only a beautiful, well-kept neighborhood, but scenic, convenient, direct access to the Gulf of Mexico for fishing, boating, and sea shore relaxation on nearby islands and beaches.

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Which is it:  Port Richey or New Port Richey?

Port Richey and New Port Richey are two neighboring cities on Florida's Gulf Coast.  They are situated along the coastal waters of bustling West Pasco County, at the northern end of the Tampa Bay area, and at the mouth of the Pithlachascottee river.  Technically, Gulf Harbors community is an unincorporated area of Pasco County extending into the Gulf of Mexico, to the west of New Port Richey.  The great thing about it is that property taxes for Pasco County are lower than those for New Port Richey city properties. Mail service and emergency services are provided by New Port Richey.

According to local information, Port Richey was founded in 1883 by Captain Aaron M. Richey of Missouri, who homesteaded on an island at the mouth of the Pithlachascottee River (try saying that three times, fast!).  Captain Richey founded the Port Richey Company; he also helped establish the Port Richey post office and was its first postmaster. 

New Port Richey, previously known as "Hickory Hammock," became New Port Richey in 1914 when the Port Richey Company began commercial development there.

During the 1920's New Port Richey grew to become the " and stage colony of the South."  This enchanting waterfront town drew the famous, including silent screen idol Thomas Meighan, comedians Ed Wynn and Raymond Hichcock, actors Gloria Swanson, Leon Errol, and Flora Zabelle, as well as pro golfer Gene Sarazen.  It's been said that it was here that Sarazen invented the sand wedge. By some accounts, New Port Richey's lakeside retreats were also favored by the infamous, notably, Al Capone.  Several downtown buildings were financed by the stars, including Gloria Swanson's Hacienda Hotel, Thomas Meighan's Richey Suncoast Theatre. It took the Stock Market Crash of 1929 to way-lay plans to make New Port Richey into a movie capitol.  Today, like many parts of Florida, this area has again become a favored hideaway for the rich and famous.

New Port Richey's Main Street and downtown area have been revamped in a recent beautification project, with historic renovation and the addition of shops, a scenic waterfront park, and restaurants.  Its Richey Suncoast Theatre, originally an old-style movie palace, has been revitalized and now hosts live stage performances throughout the tourist season.

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  • Tampa Bay



    2 bedrooms

    Sleeps 4+

    Modern Kitchen

    New Washer/Dryer

    Private Dock



    Florida Gulf Coast

    Tampa Bay Area

    Coastal Waterfront

    Deep Canal

    Quiet Cul-de-sac

    Upscale Community

    Gulf Fishing


    Golf Course

    Beach Club

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